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windows 98 compatibility?

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  • windows 98 compatibility?

    alright, i bought a dvd player online and when i get the box it says it needs win 98SE. online it just said win 98, but on the box it says 98SE. also, the usb sound card, , says it needs win98SE. also a lot of the hubs i've been looking at need win98SE for usb2.0. is this going to be an issue for my project? if it is how should i remedy it? trying to get everything together in the next 2 weekends b/c i'm leaving to school and my time will be tight for this type of stuff.
    project: built, updating software
    comp: 1.67 ghz AMD, 1 gig of ram, 80 gb hd
    software: nlited xp, roadrunner
    screen: TM-701L touchscreen
    bluetooth keyboard
    Sony Xplod cdx-m630
    SB MP3 sound card
    future: gps with and navigation software

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    I very much doubt you will have a problem loading those drives on to win98 first edition.....from what i beleve you can pretty much make win98 = win98 se by downloading all the patches updates etc.......

    i could be wrong...


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      Other than the Patches, SE added ICS internet connection sharing which added/changed some network stuff.

      Shouldn't make a difference.
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