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inverter overload?

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  • inverter overload?

    I have two questions.
    First, when I connect my inverter to the battery by itself, it works fine. But as soon as I plug something in, the inverter shuts off with blinking red light which indicates overload/low battery. I have the car running when I try this. Anyone know why??

    Second, For those of you who have their inverter directly connected to the battery.. How did you wire the thing to come inside the car? Did you somehow attached the inverter inside the hood and then ran a extension cord inside? or what? please help.

    Thanks alot.

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    First question what gauge wire are you using to wire it directly to the battery? Use heavy gauge at lease 8 gauge wire.

    Most cars have a hole or a rubber cap that covers a hole in the fire wall try finding one of these it is normally located on the driver side. If no holes can be fond try running it where other wires run or create a new hole (BECAREFUL). I think the best place for you converter is under the drivers seat so that the switch is near by.

    Hope this helps any guestions email me
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      I'm using the cable which came wth my inverter. I don't what gauge those wires are. Where can I get those wires that are 8 gauges? What type of ends do they have?



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        Ok how many watts is your inverter. What kind of car do you have.

        Most inverters come with a aux/lighter plug. What I would do is cut the plug off Splice in 2 heavy gauge wire like 8 gauge and run them to the front. You can buy this in car audio shops. I would also buy some connecters to crimp onto the wires and run to the front. And maybe even throw a fuse on the + line about a foot from the battery.

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          I have a 600W inverter.(from a friend) Is it because this is too high? I know most people are using around 300W. I have a honda civic.


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            I don't know why you just don't splice it into you cigarette lighter. That's easy.


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              The issue may be with the inverter being so large or not funtioning correctly have you tried it with other cars?

              And to answer about the cig lighter:
              The wiring to you cig lighter is not ment for devices like to run from. You will get a more stable connection directly to the battery. It may work but its not the best way of doing it to use the cig lighter.
              I don't know why you just don't splice it into you cigarette lighter. That's easy.[/QUOTE]



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