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  • Newbie POST, help plz

    Me and my buddies are all looking into throwing comps into our vechiles, and we are computer savy. I have a couple questions. Does everyone use EPIA boards, because I have AMD cpus lying around 1.4, 1.2 etc, is there a board i can use for these? Second, moniters whats the cheapest basically so we can try this out and later decide if we want to go out and get a nice LCD? And how does this work with your headunit, you just run outputs from the sound card into the head unit?

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    All of these questions have been asked before, you really gotta do a search before you ask them, cause there are a lot of people here who are going to jump down your throat.
    Progress here:


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      Before people start on this
      you should use the search button
      I wouldnt use AMD chips because of the heat. I love AMD but lets face facts here they can heat a hamster house. You can use the chips you got, just get some major cooling goin on.
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        well i am going to tell you what they told me why i asked this question first when i signed up........ you ready for it. Look under your user id there is a button that says search.NOW USE IT. anyways you can use whatever u want for the motherboards. and soundcard question i ran from the computer to Line driver with and Eq.


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          damn, when people go to search now all they are gonna find are threads that say use the search button....


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            I am also a relative newbie here and I know that sometimes it's hard to get started when you don't know what to search for. Here are a few things to get started looking for a display, because there really is a lot of info here if you know what to look for.

            You might search for:
            -PDAs (Palm, WinCE, etc.)
            -Alphanumeric displays (output only)
            -Some types of phones (Nokia 3650, Sony/Ericsson T68i)
            -CruisePad/ Cruise Pad- Actually I don't know if anyone has actually used one of these in a system, but IMHO it would be really cool.

            No doubt you'll find more things to look for when you start looking, and you'll spend way too much time here like me The "view new posts" link is also helpful. Now go to it.


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              Originally posted by ugosplat
              damn, when people go to search now all they are gonna find are threads that say use the search button....
              Exactly- this is actually a problem on a fair few boards I use - everyone is so keen on replying saying "search search search" - so when you do actually search for a subject, all you get is 99 threads telling you to go search! Plus why does everyone feel the need to tell someone to "search" after it has already been mentioned within that thread? Once the first person has replied telling them to "search" no one else really needs to, do they...?
              This board will quickly become stagnant if the only reply is ever "search do0d" - getting to the stage where you may aswell just lock down all the forums and use it as a reference tool!

              Maybe give new posters a 'freebie' and post a link to a relevant thread along with a "use search from now on" stamp, then get the thread locked, that way at least when it pops up in search results it'll be vaguely useful!
              In summary - if someone has already mentioned the "search!" word in a thread, it doesn't need repeating again&again&again.
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                I use an AMD 800mhz in my car just fine. If you have good airflow in your case and a good heatsink+fan on the cpu heat should not be a problem even for a 1.4.

                Also I use a mini-atx board. Its some compaq cheapo board but the thing boots very fast. I'm actually very happy with it. 2 years ago it was just a test platform and I was gonna upgrade. I still haven't upgraded.
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