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A few newbie questions?

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  • A few newbie questions?

    I have an old computer that I dont really use. Ive turned it on probobly 4 times since getting a new motherboard, 80gig hard drive, and upgrade of ram. I was debating turning it into a carputer. I dont know alot about how to do this, but my questions are...

    Do you guys just use regular computer parts to make these?
    How do you guy power them up? Power inverters?
    Would putting the computer in the trunk with my subs mess it up?
    Do you guys put the computers into special cases so that they arent so big? My computer is in a fairly large case.

    Thanks alot for any help!

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    Also do you guys know of any good newbie tutorials that I could check out so I wont have to bother you all with too many stupid questions? Thanks again.


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      -no but typically smaller parts are good.
      -some use inverters and others use dc-dc power supplies ($$$)
      -I dont know
      -most people make the case as small as possible. Others build the carputer into parts of the car. Do what you like.
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        Thanks for the reply. Anyone else have any advice for me?


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            Originally posted by SiGmA_X

            i was thinking that, but just browsing would have been a good idea...
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              I knew I would get someone to tell me to search. Im not really exactly sure what I need to know to get started. Most of the posts are a little too advanced for me, Im not exactly a computer whiz....thats why I asked if anyone knew of tutorials for newbies, also I didnt really feel like digging through 500 posts to get any info...either info I can understand, or info I need. If someone knows of a tutorial, please let me know. Otherwise Ill probobly just scrap the idea....Ill probobly end up breaking something anyway Thanks for any advice/help.


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                how could we actually make a tutorial, if we did it would have to be very specific, there are just too many options.

                Your best bet for a tutorial like experience is to go to the "show off you project forum" find something you like and see if they have a work log, web page etc.

                see this button :

                it is sometimes a vast source of information.

                note if you click mine, it's just going to redirect you to the search page, my own little joke, but other people here have some pretty damn good sites
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                  Thanks guys...I took your advice and searched....and as much as I hate to admit it, I found alot of good stuff.

                  Next time Ill search first, ask questions later.


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                    Originally posted by frodobaggins
                    how could we actually make a tutorial, if we did it would have to be very specific, there are just too many options.
                    Awwww, Frodo, play nice, he is actually trying to be polite, and narrow down what he is searching for.

                    Here's a hint for him.

                    Open the search page, and type in FAQ.

                    Search on all forums, and all members. There have been a couple of general FAQs and a power calculator type page posted as links before, that will help you out.

                    Also have a look in the "show your projects board". Those guys ahve been there, and done it, and you can see what they are upto.
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