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    Ok, i know i am going to get flamed for this being a Noob and all, but i hope someone will be kind enough to help(i have search but i am so stupid when it comes to this **** i have no idea what they are talking about.) What i want is GPS, and music thats it. I want a touch screen with this system also. I have looked at a few different 7" LCD touch screens and they are around 350 bucks, is that a good price? Anyhow what all will i need to make this work as far as motherboard, video card, sound card, harddrive etc. Thanks for any help you can give me, flame away also.

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    Any decent mobo, any decent video, and decent hard drive .. those are all up to you. Go find a GPS unit with a USB or Serial Connection .. make sure the mobo you pick has either a USB or Serial port (just saying this because some people are REAL dumb).

    As far as LCDs ... I say go with the DSCustoms 7" screen... $400 with Mp3car Discount.

    Also, go get an Opus Power Supply ( ... well worth it. be sure you know how your'e going to wire this all into your car's sound system and plan plan plan ahead.

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      God damn stupid NAH wont do it cause then I will get banned or flamed as well. But anyway glad to see another 3S owner. Hit me up on AIM some time name is in my profile. We can chat and set you up.

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