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ASUS V7100 Video card

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  • ASUS V7100 Video card

    Sproggy, This is mostly a question for you since I know you have this video card.

    How do you like it. Do you know how it compares to the All in Wonder? Have you tried recording from TV to MPEG or creating VCD's with it yet? Which model do you have?

    This seems like the card I want to get but I just wanna make sure.

    By the way, Totally unrelated to this topic, I finaly got my player in the car! I'm running DOS w/ MPXPLAY on a Cyrix-166. Right now I have an 80 meg hard drive in there with a whopping 16 songs on it! I'm using a tape adapter for now until I buy a new head unit. I am also using, of course, a DC-DC PSU.
    I bet I win for having the fewest songs in their mp3 player! (At least they are good songs....)
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    I too have this card... And if not for the twinview, I would say it's not spectacular. I find the DVD playback decent and the 2d nothing to brag about. But the 3d accel is nice.

    There are better GeForce MX cards out there.

    I would have to say, that I regret my purchase though. I should have gone with an All-in-Wonder VE. I'm not big on games so thats not the issue. Its the 2d performance and DVD playback.

    Oh last note: I've noticed that the RAMDAC for the twinview is VERY picky. I cant use some older monitors as the secondary display! It just doesnt detect them. I havent heard this complaint from the All-in-Wonder

    Hope this helps


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      I have an Asus V7100, with TV out only, and I rekon it's the best thing The TV out is of superior quality to any other card I've seen. The only problem is the size of the screen, but that I covered in my post before.....
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