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IBM socket 5 board

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  • IBM socket 5 board

    Does anybody know anything about this motherboard:
    Like what kind of power supply (AT, ATX) it needs?

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    Its an AT board (you can see the headers).. But I think the thing that would worry me the most is that it only takes up to 133Mhz Socket 5 (careful there, these are a pain to find) and only takes 72pin simms.. thats great if you have both to use on it but simms can be a pain to find too sometimes.. Just my 2 cents..

    But hey you, cant go wrong at 99cents + shipping I guess heh.
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      I think it should take any old socket 7 P133. We took an old socket 5 server and put a second P133 in it and it ran fine. I say if you've got the ram and an old processor, go for it!
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        I've got handfulls of simms in my closet, if anyone needs any