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  • it won't work

    im a newbie here but not in the computer building world just wanted to say you guys gotta bad *** site and had a probably easy question for ya
    here is my setup so far.

    7" 16:9 tft-lcd

    Display: 7" 16:9 tft-lcd
    Back Light: Built-in CCFT (x2)
    Dot Format: 1440(H) x 234(v)
    Number of Pixels: 336,960 Dot / 112,320 Pixels
    Dot Pitch: 0.108mm(h) x 0.375MM(v)
    Brightness: 300Cd/m2 (NIT)
    Viewing angles: 65/65/40/65 degrees (L/R/T/B)
    Pixel configuration: Stripe
    Power requirments: 12v/DC
    Video signal: 1v p-p (positive) 75 ohms
    Video system: NTSC/PAL Auto Detection

    Audio / Video Tuner Controller
    Power input consumption: dc12v+-10%, 800ma
    AV input: x3
    AV output: x2
    Channel: system us-181(ntsc) air cable tv channel 2~69 CATV cable tv channel 2~125
    PLL FM modulation 88~92MHZ
    Diversity Antenna Input: x4
    UHF input: x1
    CCD input: x1

    Computer or Carputer
    Dell optiplex GX200
    P3 900 and somthing mhz haven't looked in a while
    128 mb ram
    geforce 4 video card with tv out option added myself
    5.25 " dvd player added myself thinkin of going smaller though
    20 gig hd added myself

    things still needed or in the procces of getting
    150 Watt SFX DC-DC Vehicle Power Supply for ATX by opus
    usb2-ide convertor

    aight now that you have all this here is my question i have tried and tried to get a picture going from my tv out via s/video to rca from the geforce card i know the option works cuz i have multiple monitors that i have tried it on. ive tried lowering the resolution lowering the colors and still nothing is there something i need
    i get sound but no picture and have tried everything i know even running extention cords out to my car and hooking up my 17" monitor and trying to switch back and forth and nothing, and i am proud to say that was the first computer ive had running in my car (the car just didn't get to move anywhere)
    but anyhow any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    first of all welcome, but look right below this forum, there is one called "LCD" in the future please direct your posting to the proper forum

    as for your problem, it's just not working with the ONE lcd? Does the lcd even work? Can you plug it into a vcr or such and have it working?

    also, sometimes there needs to be a 75ohm resistor(correct guys?) in line of the cable in order to trigger some lcds to work, once again look in the LCD forum and do a SEARCH, i'm sure you'll find solutions

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      yeah my lcd works with my tuner just fine....i can watch tv channels with no problem


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        search on the 75ohm resistor, that might fix your prob

        1997 Jeep Wrangler Rugged Waves

        Ebay Stuff For Sale