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    ok guys im wokrin on a grand am and i cant thnk of anygood places for the lcd and touch pad........i need sme help....anyone got any pics of a older lke 99 grand am with a caputer...any help would be greatly apprectiated......i already searched lol...;.

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    Post a pic of your dash.
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      If its a 99+ then the dash would look like (this is a 2001, same gen but double din vs 1.5 din radio of 99-00):

      I'm planning on putting a small lcd (4") down in the cubby below the HVAC controls.. There is a bit space in there, but it's not very high. Especially if you have the remote tape deck in the 99-00. 99-00 Also have a 1.5 din radio, while the 01+ have double din, which makes it easier to put in a motorized screen and still have a radio in the dash.

      You could always make a replacement for that removable cup holder in the center console as well to place the controls. There is always the cubby on the left side of the wheel below the fog lights / dimmer controls as well.
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        I know its not a grand AM, but most cars hav something similar around the arm rest.
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          Yea, there is a cup holder there that is removable on the 99+ GAs. That was my suggestion for the input as well.
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            my idea was to Put my Keyboard in the center arm rest, and then pull it out and place it in the cup holder hwen i was using it. That wouldn't be out in plan sight i was looking at those tumb pads.

            the screen youy cna get a 700tsv and then get a custom case from a guy on this fourm... i'll post the link when i find it. you mod the Screen and place the buttons on the side. and it'll fit. if yo wanna Keep hte HU i havn't come up with a place for it yet. I was looking to maybe see about getting a HU face place extender and seeing hopw long i cna get it and mounting the HU accually in the Trunk. and placing the faceplate upfront. and just run cables up front and connect them all.

            Put the Car Pc on the Drive side wall in the trunk (near the Stock Amp if you have the monsoon system) and then installins 2 10's on each side near the rear seats. and the Bass amp on the passager wall in the trunk. each in there own custom boxes.
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