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Problems, Problems. Need some support.

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  • Problems, Problems. Need some support.

    Well, my luck has been bad as of late. After months of waiting and planning. I got my custom dash done at a local audio shop. They did a great job. I finally tested the screen during the day and it wasn't visable. (But that was another thread). Next I tried testing my opus and nothing turns on. On top of that the audio on motherboard (epiam) isn't working so I have to RMA that.

    I am not really looking for help yet. Most stuff can be found in a search. I just needed to vent. This project can really try your patience at times. Right when I thought I was almost done it looks like a few more months to iron out some more issues. But since I have been reading these forums for about 3 years I knew it wouldn't be easy. The only thing that comforts me is the fact that I know others have gone and are going through the same thing.

    And one last thing. I just want to thank the community for all their help over the few months. Whether my questions were directly answered or through a search, thanks. I will need more of it in the weeks to come.

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      Good luck with it. We all have crappy moments, where we daren't touch anything, because everything breaks the moment we lay one finger on it. I bought a FlexATX mini PSU. Worked for 1 hour then completly died. That is just typical, and it nearly scuppered my plans to try to install version 2 this weekend.

      Just sit back for a couple of hours/days. Think about what needs doing. Then get back to it with a fresh head.
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        Just get another case

        I personally like Corona Extra, and dont forget the limes.


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          I was planning on installing my carputer in the glovebox, without a case. I had everything ready to go, but while the glove box was out, my sister and I drove to the mall one day. On the way she started complaining water was dripping on her foot. As it turns out, condensation was forming on the vent ducts from having the air conditioner on. It was dripping onto my sister's foot right where the glove box would have been with the carputer inside. What a disaster that could have been. Glad I caught it though


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            I agree with theedge

            get another case and the problems will soon fade
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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              i have been working on my carputer for almost a year now, keep tweaking and adding stuff to it. ahhh the labor of love....
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                I started a damn thread last week about how great life was with the carputer and 4 days later my hard drive froze for lack of circulating air.
                I also have been have a helluva time with the installation of the whole thing. It's been ridiculous because I want everything to look as factory as possible, but that requires so much additional work. I've had my run ins with fiberglass and bondo but I'm finally getting to a point where it's starting to all come together. BELIEVE me there were (and still are) times where I wonder what the hell I'm doing, but I think in the end it'll help me bag a few chicks. I'm just kidding, it'll give me self pride of knowing I did it myself.
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                  Well, just to update, everything seems to be working now. I have made a few changes to my setup. First, I decieded to ditch the opus. I know most people would say this is a bad idea, but it is just much easier to be able to take the computer out of the car and plug it in the house for tweaking. I went with a pure sine inverter and have no noise in the system. Also, the screen problem was due to a lack of power. So useing the inverter fixed that issue. I most likely did not have the opus connected correctly, but regardless it works now.

                  So I need to take some pics and post them. All in all I am very happy with my setup. Everything is working great now. I played Mike Tysons punch out the other day when I was stuck in a traffic jam. Makes this project all worth it.

                  My tips to others is just have a little patience. It will all come together.