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  • Important Question. Please Read!

    A while ago my 5.6" LCD died. I got a new one and hooked the backlight supply up to the old one. The only problem with the old one is the backlight supply because otherwise the thing works fine. Good news, right. So my question is... can I power both backlights off one supply? I have a feeling this wasn't really designed for, but maybe it's possible. If not, what is the simplest circuit I can build to power just the backlight tube of the old monitor? Thanks in advance.

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    get the +12v from ur psu in ur computer. That is the best way
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      yeah that's what i am going to power the new LCD with, but i'm saying that the old lcd only needs a new backlight supply...obviously that isn't 12 V. SO i want to keep the old LCD in its case and just build a new backlight power supply for it.


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        you need to build a small inverter to power a backlight. It depends on what it's requirements are, but most tubes operate at much higher voltage than your 12V supply I would check out the inverter board you already have, as not that much can go wrong with these simple circuits..... however be careful as if you do get it going, it bites! It's usually a dry solder joint, or a cooked transistor. Otherwise ask someone you know who fixes TV's etc as they would be able to get it going in no time


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