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Aren't TSKs cool :)

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  • Aren't TSKs cool :)

    My TSK from Armin arrived middle of last week. Just installed it and the screen properly into the widened centre console.
    Installed, tested and used. Fantastic. I love it.

    Biggest problem is that my console isn't quite cut right (wasn't so obviouse with just the screen).

    Moving the panel over a touch would be very cool, but there isn't room to move it enough, and to screw it down properly.

    So now I'm stuck with the fact that you can just see the wires round the edge of the TSK on one side. Not a major biggy, but annnoying that I couldn't even get that perfect.

    Piccies of it will follow, as soon as I make sure that screen panel/console fit over the fibreboard main console that the PC is installed into.

    BTW, the 150watt flexATX psu that I bought blew anout an hour after I switched it on, running an Epia, one 3.5" HDD, and one 5.25 CDrom. Downer.
    So now I'm back to using the 250watt ATX that I used before. And it even just about fits in the console. Shame about that mini one though, with that in, I could have moved the USB2 DVD into the console to load from the side, guess it will to stay poking out under the rear seats for now.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.