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Anyone use an IPOD for music serving?

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  • Anyone use an IPOD for music serving?

    I am planning my first pc based audio project in a ford expedition. I was just thinking that using an Ipod would make the project a WHOLE lot easyer. Anyone use an Ipod?
    All I want to do is play mp3's (or real-audio format) - no need for navigation or anything else, but I do want a cool display (cooler than an ipod), so I was thinking about a lcd screen in the dash running from a mobo. It seems that if all I am doing is playing music, a carputer is overkill.

    -Thanks, AL
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    Car mp3 players have been on the market for a long time now.
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      If all you want is to play mp3s, theres the cd based car decks and such.

      If the computer the ipod is hooked to see the ipod as another hard drive in windows exploder, then you can use it as you want. Im not sure if ipod work this way tho...


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        If that is all you want...Then yes a carputer IS overkill.
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