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  • Mounting EPIA

    Ok, I've been trying to figure out a bunch of stuff, spent about 15 hours searching and reading, so here's my plan.

    Car: 2004 WRX Wagon

    Components: EPIA M10000, DS Customs 7" Touchscreen, USB FM receiver (maybe WinTV also?), Slot Load DVD/CD, GPS Board, WIFI & AMP.

    Goal: Install system without any cutting/hacking/bondo-ing. Mount Mobo, HD, DC/DC Power Supply, etc in aluminum box under passenger seat. Mount DSCustoms 7" Touchscreen in dash where 2DIN radio currently is. Unsure about mounting location of AMP and DVD.

    I tried to fit the EPIA in the glove compartment, but it was too big. Under the seat I have good height and there are vent outlets that I can use for added cooling (if the vent control is set to right position).

    I've modeled the EIPA and found some models of a hard drive and CD Drive. If anyone is interested in a 2D CAD drawing of the EPIA, let me know. Its a rough model, but shows the major components. I use Autodesk Inventor 6 for modeling.

    A few questions I have.
    1. I'd like not to have a Head Unit as I don't really have a good place for it. Is this a really bad idea? Without a head unit, I will need an amp. Any recommendations on a tiny AMP? I'm not looking for lots of power, maybe 4x25 Watts. I'm looking for something that can fit in the dash. Maybe two 2-channel amps?

    2. If I build up a sheet-metal box to do this, would anyone be interested in a group purchase? I will also be building a mount/bezel for the DSCustoms LCD.

    Next Step: Determine the max size of the box to allow for rear passanger foot room and not restrict movement of passanger seat.
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    I'm interested in more information about your planned box for under the seat.

    I have a 2000 2.5RS that i'd like to mount a pc just like you are planning.

    Tell us more about the bezel for the LCD as well...


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      Any input on the box would be great, I'm still debating on where to put the DVD/CD drive, under the seat is a tough spot to get to. I'm thinking about moving the cigaratte lighter and losing the ashtray to mount the drive down there. Or perhaps in the glove box...

      When I do get around to purchasing the LCD, I'll design a bezel/enclosure for it. I do a lot of electronics repacking for my work, so I'll probably end up making one out of aluminum and getting it black anodized.

      I was thinking about designing a mechanism and driving it with a motor so the LCD folds down and out, allowing access to the area behind it. I'm not sure how deep the 2DIN space is, but perhaps if its deep enough, I could still put a head unit back there or the DVD Drive. If not, perhaps I could hide some controls back there. I'd hate to not be able to utilize that space behind the LCD.



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        If you have a 2 DIN space, I would recommend putting the whole computer there (sans DVD drive), if you have the space. The deepest item is the MB at 170mm.

        You would need 8 or so inches of depth space to accomplish this, and you can fit the screen, MB, PSU, HD, and one PCI card all in this space.

        You could build a metal chasis that could slide out when you needed to get at part of the carputer. Also, this would put the carputer close enough to the ashtray area so that you could just hook the DVD with a standart 18" IDE cable!

        the box would be about 7" wide, 8" deep, and 4.5" tall.

        give this a shot!


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          I'm putting my carputer in a 2004 STi so our dash layout is the same. The LCD fits almost exactly in the 2DIN space. I tried to make a bezel out of plexiglass to attach from behind the opening but couldn't get it cut smooth and straight enough, so I ended up using the one that came with the display. All I had to do was trim the bottom about .5 in. It looks pretty good. Now I just need to place the switches somewhere on the dash around the opening.

          I have a EPIA M9000 in a Cubid 2699 case. At first I wanted to put it under the passenger seat but finally decided to mount it on a board in the trunk along with my U.S. Acoustics amp. I needed to run a power cable to the trunk anyway for the amp so all I need is a distibution box to feed power to the computer. I'm waiting on the ituner PW-70A power supply and ITPS regulator/shutdown controller.

          There is quite a bit of space behind the 2DIN opening in the dash. You may be able to fit a small head unit back there. I will just be putting a D-Link USB FM tuner and a 4-port USB connector for my Earthmate GPS and maybe the touchscreen cable with a serial to USB.


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            DennisK 7" ?

            Where can I find a Dennis K 7" screen? im interested in the bezel your making for that
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              good choices on parts. Dont forget memory, Hard drive (I recommend a 2.5") and your all set as in getting the carputer up and running. Now you don't need an amp, I mean youd loose the headunit functionality of fm/am, cd, ...etc. but if you can live without it then just get any decent amp you can find, rockford, kenwood, ..honestly anything and the just connect rcas from your carputer to your amp... your solid!!

              oh the dvd drive, try just extending your cables and using a longer IDE drive to pull the dvd drive itself under the passanger seat. Thats how I have it.
              Mine needs to be updated.


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                I am building pretty much the exact system in my 2001 Pathfinder. My 7 inch VGA with touch fits perfectly in the double DIN space. Just made a simple steel bracket that bolts to the radio mounts and all original equipment can still be mounted in if I took the screen out.

                I am also working on putting my entire system in behind the screen, but not in the double DIN space, but there is actually a lot of vertical room behind I think I will be putting it all in there, and use regular IDE cable to go to the slot slim DVD drive.

                Good luck!!!
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                  Thanks for the tips everyone. I didn't think about putting everything inside the 2DIN space. To see if it was possible, I mocked it up, including the LCD. I don't have the LCD yet, but I found this datasheet. and used those dimensions. I realize there are more boards for the unit, but there is enough room for those.

                  I haven't measured the vertical opening of the 2DIN space, but it looks like its spec'd at 100 mm, (3.93 in) and the LCD is about 109mm. I'll assume that since other people have already done this, it should fit.

                  Looking at this photo it appears that there is pleanty of room depth-wise. All the cables can shoot out the back.

                  There is also 4 screws that hold the radio brackets in. I might try to tap into those to mount the box to. Time to start taking the dash apart and measuring everything.

                  The photo shows the assembly with all the parts I've modeled so far. The shaded box represents the 2DIN space. The HDD is a 3.5". Lots of room for that.

                  It looks like DSCustoms is out of the 7" LCDs until 9/1.
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                    Originally posted by phc
                    Thanks for the tips everyone. I didn't think about putting everything inside the 2DIN space. To see if it was possible, I mocked it up, including the LCD. I don't and used those dimensions. I realize there are more boards for the unit, but there is enough room for those.
                    Currently, I am working on carPC project myself too. During the research phase, I was thinking about many different places where I could place the computer - glove box, center console, trunk, under passenger seat,... There was few things I had on mind when making final desition: ease of use, achievability, ergonomy, cable routings, i did not want to cut anything (you know I fell in love with my car so I could not really harm it , etc. And because I am owning Renault Laguna II with double DIN audio slot, the final desicion is this one. I am currently assembling motherboard, PW70 12V PSU, CPU fan duct, 2,5" HDD, laptop DVD drive, Motorola GPS module, LifeView Philips TV/FM PCi card and hey - also 5.1 CREATIVE AUDIO AMLIFIER from DT2200 cambridge speakers into the box of 170*180*130 mm size! This allows me to use original car speakers outlet right away without any other interface. This cute little PC will replace my car audio system totally

                    I could easily fit Lilliput 7.2" VGA TFT display to it as well, since it would be nicely covered behind car audio system cover at the end, but I have quickly realized, that I could not do that because I could not fit DVD drive door to front panel together with display And yeah, I still need to get some space for volume and bass knobs on front panel.

                    BTW: I am also planning some customs I2C interface to steering wheels remote so i could use it as originally supposed - to adjust volume, skip audio tracks, etc. also, OBD-II interface is on the way.


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                      I drove a Laguna when I was in France. cool little car.
                      Car: 2000 Audi A4 Avant 1.8t
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                        Originally posted by brrman
                        I drove a Laguna when I was in France. cool little car.
                        a little you say?


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                          "Looking at this photo it appears that there is pleanty of room depth-wise. All the cables can shoot out the back."

                          Hey that's my thread .

                          How did the LCD mounting go, I have the same screen, and tried to mount it, but took a break because I got stuck. Can't find a clean way to do it yet.


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                            and about the cooling ? how it goes?
                            can u give me the dimmensions of your project ?


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                              you could also make a flip down lcd and set the dvd on top of it, whenever you flip it down you could insert the dvd then flip it back