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lots of general questions... MP3/portable DVD

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  • lots of general questions... MP3/portable DVD

    Ok, so i seemed to have collected the parts I want to build my low profile machine around, i just have a few things i need yet.
    This is what i am going to use

    Micro ATX Thunderbird board... it has onboard everything but it comes with an AGP slot and two PCI's

    ATI AIW Radeon, TV in/out, dvd-decode, video capture, need i say more?
    I am gonna use the Radeon with some type of riser card that angles it over the PCI slots.

    Probably going to grab a DVD/Writer combo if anyone has any brands to recommend i would appreciate it.

    Ok, stuff i still need to pick out.

    A case, not sure if i should buy my own or build one, i think if i bought one (we have these sweet 2.6 inch cases at work) i would need to cut a hole for the AGP card to be mounted...

    LCD screen for the front, i would probably throw the LCD screen where the floppy went so i don't have a whole heck of a lot of space, any ideas? I want the screen to be able to list of song titles for MP3's, as well as DVD information (kind of like a VCR) it would most definately have to be backlit, because no one watches a DVD in the light

    This thing for the most part is going to be a car MP3 player and portable DVD player, i would ideally like to get it all working in linux but i am fairly certain that won't happen.

    I am going to be throwing a 900mhz TBIRD into the system, i think i will just vent the thing right out the top of the case because the clearence is so low anyway.

    Let me know what you guys think, do you think the idea will work? I would like to use this machine as my primary machine, 'cause i carry my comp everywhere, especially to work, and a full tower is just not pheasible.

    Also on the same note, i thought of an intresting mod that i could add to it, not sure if i have room.

    Does anyone know if would be possible to add a infared interface to the thing so i could use a TV remote and Car stero remote in order to shuffle through tracks, play, and pause DVD's? That would be a lot better then dragging a keyboard and mouse everywhere.

    I noticed here
    that they have something along those lines, i am wondering if i could build one or possibly make the Irman smaller by taking it out of the casing and putting it in the case directly...

    Also, there is the question of power, the only time the machine will be in the car is when i am in it so i will have to figure out some quick way to disconnect/reconnect it to power and the stero system, which i have absolutely no clue on... I will be putting it in a '96 Bonneville SE, currently the thing has the stock CD player installed.

    someone enlighten me here
    Kajo out-

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    You will need at least a 250 watt power supply to run a 900 MHz T-Bird.

    I don't know of any DC-DC supplies that can handle that.


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      what about running 2 dc-dc psu's in parrallel? or this that a bad idea?

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        I did that exact thing to Irman, and it works like a dream! It takes up about half the size and I have the sensor mounted in the 6.8"LCD screen. You can check my page for pics. If you are going to be taking it in and out of the car as you say I would stick to a regular PSU then get an inverter for the car. That way you can just use a normal plug. I have the same plans, but have yet to get the inverter. As far as space goes a custom case will be smaller, but a premade case will be easier and faster. I made a custom case for size and asthetic reasons.

        Good luck! M.A.V.I.C. System
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          Ok, basically the dimensions i have now for the case are:

          3 inches high
          10 5/8 inches wide
          11 5/8 inches long

          How much power do you think it requires to run a thunderbird? Also, does anyone have a good link at how inverters are setup, i think i get the general design, but i definately would need help on that.

          Thanks a bunch guys!
          Kajo out-


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            Wow, I haven't been on this board in months. I just finished my mp3car project not too long ago, I will get some pics of it up soon. I love this stuff. Seeing so many other ppl really into it is great. I heard someone mention a need for a 250w dc-dc atx psu. Here is the one I'm using:

            This thing is awesome. However, it did set me back around $200. I figured it was worth it, seeing the trouble I've seen some ppl go through trying to use inverters, or make their own psu.



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              wouldn't that just zap your car battery down to nothing? also, what if you want to hook it up with standard ac/dc current, do they sell adaptors? Are the things still like 200 bucks?

              Kajo out-


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                Why use a 900 mhz thunderbird? That is just insane for a car player. What do you have in your home puter? Because if you were to put a 900 mhz into a car player I think I will be VERY jealous to hear what you have in your desktop I dunno.... maybe you want it for boot time? I couldnt tell ya. All I know is that is nuts =)
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                  ok, sorry i need to clarify a bit... basically i want this thing to kind of be my "all purpose computer" aka

                  lan rig
                  car mp3 player
                  portable DVD player

                  i think it would be fairly easy if i mounted a rack in the trunck and just slid the thing in and out.

                  I have a p2 350 and p100 sitting around but the 100 has no onboard video or anything and the 350 is a slot proc and might be too big.

                  I just think it would be kewl to make an all purpose comp.

                  Let me know
                  Kajo out-


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                    With the size of the heatsink you need for a T-bird, it's about the same size, if not larger, than a slot processor


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                      not really... you can just make a hole on the top of the case and run it right out the top similiar to a chimney, with a slot processor you have the height and all the width.

                      Kajo out-


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                        all purpose... dang you'll be able to edit videos and design jet engines while driving.

                        Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!


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                          wow, the lan idea is a good one. Being able to slip it out is a good idea... We had 45 people and 42 computers at our last LAN. It doubles in size every time... watch out =)
                          1964 Ford Falcon powered by a 1993 Mustang 5.0 EFI, AOD transmission, with disc brakes up front and more mechanical goodies
                          The Player
                          Gone! Soon goign to repalce the screen based system i HAD with an iPod.


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                            Yup, Yup...

                            Regularly we have about 30-40 people for the monthly ones, and then the every two or three months we ususally have like 80. Plus i always take my computer when i go to work, which is almost daily.

                            Just need to figure out how to power the beast, does anyone have any good ideas or any sites where they show you how to design an inverter?

                            Kajo out-


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                              If you're going to be taking it out and powering it off of AC, I say an inverter would be the best for you. You should be fine with a 300W inverter, and you can get them for $40-50