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A few quick questions anyone can answer...except me.

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  • A few quick questions anyone can answer...except me.

    I am almost finished with me car mp3 player. I have to work out some tweaks and I will be finished. I need to know, how to get my bios from checking my memory 3 times? This kills my start up time. Another thing, how do you get Win98 to not run scandisk on an improper shut down? This also is killing me. And that's about it...Thanks,

    Jack Mode

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    to get ride of scandisk ->
    run.. type "msconfig".. under first tab click "advanced" .. check the disable scan disk box

    my computer has an option called quick boot i n the bois.. tryed anything like that?
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      Depends on what BIOS type you have. The Award BIOS has an option in setup under "BIOS Settings"; enable quick POST, and it should skip the triple memory test.
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