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My computer reboots when it wants to...

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  • My computer reboots when it wants to...

    I have a via m10000 with a 250 atx ac power supply and a 300watt inverter. I also run xp pro if you need to know...

    i also have 2 yellow top optma batteries powering the truck so power is not a issue.

    ok, i flip the inverter switch and the via bios loads and gets to the xp pro loading screen just beffor log on.. and cuts out and goews back to the via bios again. sometimes it won't even get to the xp screen... or sometimes it will load xp fine and at anytime in the xp session it will restart.

    any ideas???

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    To make sure if this is not a power failure, just bring your computer home and connect it to the outlet (like a regular home computer). Then you'll see if its a power related or not.

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      Originally posted by sick98ranger
      any ideas???

      Yes, boot it up in safe mode connected to a standard PSU and look in the event log. I bet its blue screening, and XP is setup to reboot at system failure, so you dont get to see the actual blue screen. Look in the 'system' log.
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        what should i be looking for exactly for in the log. error type, cat #, event id #, ????

        i did get a system error when it did this. system error cat 102 event id 1003 and blah blah for the err code 0000000c5, p100000000, p2 000000002, p3 000000001, p4 80537213.

        and just befor that is an information log for a save dump.