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need help, laptop may be dead???

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  • need help, laptop may be dead???

    this may sound weird, but this is what is up with my laptop.

    when i first had someone take the wires out so i can extend the power switch, it had probs turning on. so, i would take the battery in and out, and then i guess i found the perfect spot, and it must have had at least 100 boots fine. it doesn't work off of ac power alone either, it needs the battery to be in.

    it rarely turns on when i touch the two wires together to turn it on now. i had it at my friend's house when the power went out and it killed the ac adapter. i took it home after the power went out and turned it on twice with no prob. then the battery died cause i had no way to recharge it. out of curiousity i had a friend check out the battery, so i took it out. now, it rarely turns on, and when it does it makes weird noises, like something struggling to spin. also, sometimes it turns on and then shuts off before booting, and then other times, it'll boot up all the way and work fine. to get it to work, i have to take the battery in and out and keep trying to turn it on. i can't put it in the car like this, so i managed to get it open, but i need help. any suggestions as to what i should do?
    project: built, updating software
    comp: 1.67 ghz AMD, 1 gig of ram, 80 gb hd
    software: nlited xp, roadrunner
    screen: TM-701L touchscreen
    bluetooth keyboard
    Sony Xplod cdx-m630
    SB MP3 sound card
    future: gps with and navigation software