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Must I get a "fanless" mobo?

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  • Must I get a "fanless" mobo?

    Is the fan on a mobo too loud and distracting in a car? I am really picky when it comes to noise, so I do not want to hear a fan in the backround. Maybe you can not even hear it after the mobo is in the case?

    OR, can you disconnect the fan on a mobo that is designed with one? I am sure this is not a good idea!

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    even if you get a fanless mobo, you will most likely have a fan in your psu, and depending on your setup, maybe even your inverter...
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      not really.. i have a total of 4-5 fans in my setup and can hardly hear them when the car is idling and no music playing and can't hear a thing when music is playing
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