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acrylic case, anyone tried it?

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  • acrylic case, anyone tried it?

    I was just wondering, i was taking measurments earlier and it appears that i won't have enough room to get what i want to in my low profile case, so that gives me option B, make my own case.

    I am thinking acrylic but i have no idea how to bond the two pieces together (bonding one piece of acrylic to the other, such as corners and edges, etc...)...

    Anyone have any recommendations

    Kajo out-

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    Arby used one so you can look at his site..

    also, i used and you can look at my site too.

    i used hanger to two pieces together.

    there is not enough info and pictuer(even though i am done to make my case)

    but there is some pics so you can have an idea
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      Mine is acrylic. Tons of pictures on my site, and some tips. M.A.V.I.C. System
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        There is acrylic glue, or you can use hardware store angle irons.
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          I bought a big 1/4 inch thick sheet of Lexon from home depot. It would make a VERY NICE case. But, I didnt have the toosl to cut it. i was using a jigsaw and well lets just say it looks like crap. I was goign to use L brackets and screws to hold it together. What kind of company might make a case for me or is anyone else intereasted in trying to?
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            here is link someone posted a while back..