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How can i get power in the trunk?

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  • How can i get power in the trunk?


    I am about to install my computer in the trunk.

    where can i get the power to the trunk?
    Can i just get from back light(brake or others)?
    should i bring power from directly from battery?
    or just make another connection from ciga jack?

    which one should i use? and what should i do?

    what did you guys do for power in the trunk?

    I am gonna run 350W inverter in trunk.

    thank you very much
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    Run an 8 or 10 gauge wire from the battery to the trunk. Most cars you can find a way to run it through the firewall. You may have to cut an X in a rubber seal and silicone over it once wire is run. I would also put a fuse inline about a foot from the battery connection. Not a good idea to run from break light......


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      Same thing the guy above me said.
      How I got power to the trunk was by running 6 gauge wire under the carpet. Then, in the middle of my back seat is a opening that goes to the trunk, so I just kinda snaked around into their.
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        Just keep the power wire away from other wires. Especially the audio wires comming out of the computer and amps and such...
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