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Inverter/Power supply many watts?

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  • Inverter/Power supply many watts?

    If my mp3car system has the following components,what wattage inverter and pc power supply should i use? (I want to use an inverter, and keep the PS so i can use it at home too)
    Motherboard with onboard sound/video
    Pentium 90-133 mhz (havent decided)
    16-32 megs ram
    20x4 LCD display
    NO cds, or floppys or anything

    Would a 140w inverter be sufficient? What about the pcs power supply? do i really need a 230w? And about how much current would this draw from the altenator?
    Thanks for any help guys!

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    My portawattz 140watt runs this computer ok: p200mmx, 64mb sdram, video, sound, 10gig hd, 3 fans. I have no idea how much current it draws, but im having problems with it in my car.. it will run if its going off the battery itself with the car off, but if the car is running it kicks off- not enough juice for the inverter. Car is a 1980 subaru, so anything like that youll probably have problems with power.. if you have a newer car (like 1993+) you probably have enough power... not sure though.

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