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  • Opus ITX Vehicle Workstation

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the scene and will be setting up my own carputer in a couple of weeks. I've contacted a number of hardware suppliers to get information regarding products, stock, and availability. Most have gotten back to me very quickly yet I fear some of them may still be on vacation .

    Does anyone know when the Opus ITX Vehicle Workstation will be available? Prices? What size harddrives will be compatible?

    I definitely want to to use an ITX system for power consumption (I'd like to keep my system in standby and perform a cold boot as rarely as possible). I need a case which supports the Opus power supply and a 3.5" harddrive (Raptor for boot speed). The Opus case would be ideal if it'd support 3.5" harddrives. The site also claims they have some shock protection for harddrives, anyone know how that works?

    Do you order hardware from Opus via email? Haven't found the hardware on any other sites.

    Thanks for your time!
    Luigi Rosso
    Lead Developer
    RealitySlip Srl

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    You can call Kris and order stuff or order via email, probably going to work better for you to email him seen as you are in Rome. He is quite busy so if he doesn't get back to you instantly that's why.

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      Hey freestyler,

      I got a very detailed reply from him just today. He must be a busy guy if he really runs Opus Solutions all by himself!

      Nice running into you here Just checked out your jeep: awesome! I've got a '97 cherokee here in Malaysia (visiting my parents, who're actually moving to China or Indonesia next month when I get back to Italy).
      Luigi Rosso
      Lead Developer
      RealitySlip Srl


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        Originally posted by Cirrus

        I got a very detailed reply from him just today.
        Care to share?
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          Originally posted by tbdombrosky
          Care to share?
          Definitely will share. Looks like a good case (though I'll have to opt for just a 7,200 RPM HD) but some people may be scared by the price. I abbreviated the message to not waste space.


          Product Preview ( This product is due to be released on Nov 15)

          MPC-ITX-CPS is a ruggedly built ITX Workstation chassis with DC-DC
          power supply specifically designed for automotive application.

          ITX workstation Features
          Mini-ITX main board compatible (VIA EPIA-M series) or equiv..
          2 PCI I/O card expansion slots
          1 HDD 2.5" mobile drive
          1Slim CD-ROM, Accessible from the Front side.
          2 USB 2.0 and 2 IEEE1394 ports
          1 OPUS DCX3.1209 or DCX3.2409 DC-DC 90 Watt Power supply
          Enclosure Shock and vibration mounts (optional)
          Power features
          12V or 24V models
          Wide input voltage range
          Doesn't re-reboot PC during engine starting/cranking.
          Load dump protected
          Power input filter
          Extended operating temperature range.
          Ignition or ON/OFF switch Input
          Microcontroller controlled smart features
          Delayed shut down timer
          Flexible Stand-by power control
          Wake on interrupt (WOL) when Ignition is off for remote access via wireless LAN
          Remote / Trigger output to turn ON/OFF slave devices
          External Dimensions: 338 mm (W) x 234 mm (D) x 73 mm (H)
          13.3" (W) x 9.22" (D) x 2.88"
          Including mounting bracket: 370 mm (W) x 234 mm (D) x 73 mm (H)
          14.6" (W) x 9.22" (D) x 2.9"

          Part # 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+
          TBD- Approx $380 to $400 Chassis with DC-DC power supply
          TBD Bare bone unit

          In standard barebones model we supply with VIA EPIA-M 10000 mother boards.
          We can also configure a complete system per your requirements. Call us
          with your system requirements.

          One of the things which has me most 'sold' (apart for the power supply) on this case are the 'Enclosure Shock and vibration mounts'. I'm no Michael Schumacher but I do drive pretty agressive (not fast but 'alive').

          Hope this helps!
          Luigi Rosso
          Lead Developer
          RealitySlip Srl