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  • Blacklight?

    Does anyone know where to find a small tubed black light? Preferebly under 16 inches. Im thinking about rebuilding my case with plexiglass or lexon, I just thought if im gonna make it showy I might as well through a black light in it. At least it sounds cool to me. Of course im gonna hook it up to the power source for the comp. Any ideas on how to properly hook up? I know it all depends on the voltage so i guess i need to know that first

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    You can find em at car part places or even some car audio shops. I personally suggest if you want to customise your case. Also check out the forum for tips and ideas about case mods.


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      Sounds like a cool idea. I have a UV light in my car. I built the light using a kit from Electronics Goldmine. It is a small 4W bulb, but it is sufficient to light up the interior of a car. Are you going to accent various internal parts of the player with fluorescent paint?

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        I never thought about painting items inside it other then the metel holding the case together but im sure that would look cool just that you dont use ultra cheasy eighties colors.


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          my car has a black light in the cieling instead of the interior light it's way cool


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            If I'm not mistake, I believe that Street Glow sells blacklights, as well as many other types of lights for your car.
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              I read somewhere that prolonged exposure to black light was bad for people (i hope that all of you decide to turn on the lights, only when you get out of the car to show it off to all the people who believe that it takes big $$$ to put this stuff in a car)


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                Be warned some BIOS chips and eprom chips get erase with UV light. I haven't seen any on a mobo in a while but you might want to check it out first before you install it. It does sound like its great idea.


                my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)


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                  prolonged exposure can be bad with anything.....not just black lights


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                    i have a feeling that the air presure and vibarations from my stereo will kill me before the black light will


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                      In the late 70's, prolonged exposure to blacklights in night clubs and discos caused people to wear skin-tight, bell-bottom jeans and to overindulge in Speed, MDA and cocaine.

                      It's true - I still have pictures to prove this phenomenon.



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                        that comment makes me glad i'm too young to know anything about that type of thing

                        no offense to all those old enough to know about the 70's