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    How do you ground the motherboard if you have a wooden case? What will potentially happen if the motherboard isn't grounded? I read through some old posts up couldn't find anything.

    Thanks to all who reply

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    very good point i think you could just find the screw that grounds the motherbaord to the case and run a wire from that to the comon ground of the rest of the system if
    that's of course if the motherboard is grounded by a screw i really don't know how motherboards are grounded


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      Call me weird but isnt the mobo grounded to the power supply by the black wire? It's not like its really going into your floors or anything.
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        Thanks kane2g.....thats one way and u can also do it the way jkazakawich. Take a look at my setup, my box is wood and so will any other box i build from now on.

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          The motherboard is already grounded through the black wire on the power supply. That should be all the grounding you will need. If you have problems with that setup (most likely to happen if you have an inverter), then you can use a small crimp lug to attach a grounding wire to one of the mounting screws.

          For what it's worth, my case is made of unconductive Lexan and I have never had any grounding problems.

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            Yup, the power supply grounds your motherboard and all other components pluged in to it (HDD, CDrom, etc.). I'm building my CarPC in to a padded plastic tool box


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              Im thinking that gilly might have been asking was when you ground the case to the car to eliminate buzzing noise. If thats the case, use one of the screws off the back of the power supply to ground to. thats what ive done w/ mine and its a normal case.

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