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  • Active Server Pages/HTML front ends

    I haven't thought this through as yet but, has anyone thought of writing a front end for their player using HTML and ASP. I only ask this because I have a 10" display with touch screen I wish to use and all of the other front ends I have seen out their almost do what I want but not quite..... am I wasting my time on this or should I pursue it??????

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

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    TWIN > I'm an ASP Developer and I must admit that it does sound very interesting. I'm not sure how one would do this though. I've built some functions for the active desktop before which tied into Access, Excel and IE of course but always using microsoft objects from my windows DNA course.

    Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
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      Check out this thread on an html front end i am using with my touch screen:
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        do a search for HTML based mp3 players there is code out there that I have seen. most is ASP.


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          Moved to "General Software Discussion".
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