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OK....someone want to talk about TEMPs on the ITX

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  • OK....someone want to talk about TEMPs on the ITX

    Firstly, I have looked around for the last 3 weeks on a witte sheet or maybe someones exp with temps on the new epia itx boards. VIA dosn't mention a thing about it, so I am assuming they are so low power and efficent that the 150f heat that builds in my camaro in the mid afternoon, wont effect it. My sys will be running all the time, so what does everyone do about cooling?? I am going to mod an air duct into the enclosure, but what about when the car is offf? Just fans???

    Let me know people.

    Corey Lipham
    Subject open, Subject closed.

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    yes, it will be fine for an epia. an extra fan wouldnt hurt. If you are so worried email via, they usually respond fairly quickly
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