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  • help!!!

    where can i get the cb-110, or whatever the rca input adapter is from pioneer? it is on their website, but i didn't see any purchase links, and noone else (crutchfield, best buy, etc) seems to have it.

    also, with usb or parallel cd/dvd roms, is the transfer rate fast enough to play mp3s and dvds smoothly?

    for ntsc screens, do they run on a different resolution than normal vga screens? the one i am looking at lists resolution at something like 960x234. is this normal? would i have trouble running windows, or have a really distorted picture?

    thats all for now. thanks for all the info so far. it is most appreciated.


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    As far as the CD-RB10 goes, you'll have to call them to order it. The number is on the site somewhere. That's how I got mine.

    I haven't had any problems with my USB HD (besides the cost, ouch!)

    My guess is that it will go up to that res, so you can probably run it at 800x600.



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      either call them (1-800-pioneer) or stocks them, you might have to call them too because not all of thier inventory is in thier cart software.

      I called pioneer and ordered it over the phone for mine...

      ps. part number you are looking for is cd-rb10


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        Crutchfield does carry them. I got mine from them but i don't remember the part number. Call them and ask or email them and they will tell you the part number.