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Countdown to NOPI and car PC goes up in smoke

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  • Countdown to NOPI and car PC goes up in smoke

    Literally - My opus sparked and began smoking for no apparent reason. The VIA EPIA is also toast. Funeral services were held today at noon.

    Kris sounded shocked on the phone, but immeadiately agreed to get a new one over to me. (Im paying for next day AIR)

    Monarch Computers is local to me, and altought Im fairly certin the jolt came through the PSU (but possible just passed along by it) I dono... but monarch agreed to RMA the board. (thank god) They dont have it in stock at the moment. The expect it some time tomorrow maybe friday.

    So: I should have a new Opus Thursday. A new motherboard thursday or friday, and I think the hard drive is probably toast as well. (damn ! I had good movies on that thing)
    My amp comes in on friday. (although I have no tracking info on it yet)
    I think I need new back tires and an oil change too...

    Thursday and friday to install and reload all my apps.
    alright enough whineing -

    I will post more if/when I find out what the hell ate my opus.
    Techonlogy on Wheels

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    man you are havin all sorts of problem...


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      Any ideas WHY your Opus went on the fritz? I have mine, but I haven't installed anything in my system yet. Did you put an inline fuse on your 12V line to the Opus. If so, why didn't it blow before the damage?


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        that sucks hardKore, yeah did you have an inline fuse before the Opus? Id hate for my opus and Epia to do that. So what were you doing when it happened?
        92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

        93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

        90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)


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          More testing ... more answers :

          All of this happened after it came out of the window tint shop. When I got back in the car my hdd activity light was on, solid. (the computer was off) The acc line into the opus was off when I droped off the car.

          I had one or two occasions where the opus showd "wait status on its led, but still would not boot the PC. When That has happened, I reset the opus by pulling power, or the problem seems to correct its self if I wait 20 minutes or so.

          So I removed power from everything. Checked fuses. pluged it back up. the system "blinked" on for a moment and then back off. I opened the case. unpluged the psu from the board, removed power, removed and tested the fuse. (checked ok) . reapplied power and Kaboom.... Some small chip near the Choke Coils blew, then the fuse poped.

          Im still kinda shooting in the dark here.... dont know what part to blame - Did the opus kill the board, or did the board kill the opus.

          The supply is fused, but I have amps attached to it, so its a 40 amp main. I guess I should add something close to the pc at like 10 amps....

          Stranger yet - My opus drives my LCD, and The LCD is known to be sensitive to voltage. The LCD checks out fine. (thank GOD !) Also my Garmin, and my external cdrom take power from the 12 line of opus, and they are fine (each device is fused) none of those fuses poped.

          Between Kris and Monarch, it looks like this is only going to cost me a little shipping and a lot of man hours (mostly for the software reload)

          For what its wort, Kris was very understanding of the problem, and seems to be doing everything he can to get a replacement to me ASAP.
          Techonlogy on Wheels


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            I didnt test my touch controler, (kinda worried now)

            I hada bluetooth USB adapter and a SMC Wireless , If those turn up dead its safe to say something spiked the 5v line. (my 12v devices seem ok) It did toast the hard drive (laptop style)

            Im reloading the OS right now.
            Techonlogy on Wheels