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Saying goodbye to the power switch....

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  • Saying goodbye to the power switch....

    Why do we worry about auto-off switches... Why worry about cutting a hole in the dash for a power switch? Can't we simply get a good, strong battery and put the 'puter into sleep mode or something? Has anyone tried this?

    I've been working out a plan to leave the computer on 24/7 for the last few days (provided you run the car every day or so to charge). To minimize dead batteries, I'd like to power the computer with a second (dedicated) batt. It would need to be isolated from the main battery in that it can't draw power from the main. Now, how the heck do I charge it? Do I need a second alternater or is there some way to allow draining from the main batt only when the alternator is producing power? Could I simply place a switch to connect the batts when the car is running? (nah, I want this to be a hands off system)

    I already have a dschmidt auto-off device. I'll try to hook this up to simply put the computer into sleep, instead of cutting the power.

    Any ideas?
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    to charge the battery you need a battery isolator like
    there are tons of different types. do a search on google or yahoo for "battery isolator. basically what it does is give your alternator 2 outputs. it also acts as a flow valve to keep the battery from trying to pass electricty back into the alternator (not usually a problem but yea).
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      Remember though, that multiple batteries always mean a bigger strain on your alternator. A bigger alternator could fix this, but how much weight do really want to add to the car just to be able to suspend your machine?

      With a laptop setup, I can see this. The internal battery on a laptop could keep the system suspended and happy a long time without taxing the vehicle system. My laptop restores really slow after suspending though. It'd be faster to just boot up. Of course, it also has HORRIBLE sound output, so I don't use it in the car at all anyway.

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        I will be leaving my next computer on all of the time.

        It's an SBC, and has many many power saving features. It could probably run for over a week without charging the battery

        Of course, if my car was gonna sit that long, I'd turn it off just in case