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which pci riser sive for m10000?

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  • which pci riser sive for m10000?

    i want to use the kind of pci riser on my mobo that holds the pci card over the motherboard in order to minimize the case's footprint. My question is: Since there is a large heatsink on the motherboard, what size (as in height) of a pci riser should i get in order for my pci card to clear the heatsink.

    there are 2 riser cards here that holds the pci over the mobo: PCITX4-5 and PCITX4-3. As you can see, one is shorter than the other. Is the shorter one ok to use or should i go with the slightly taller one?

    Thanks, im asking this becuase i have not gotten my board yet and i cant see things first hand to make the desicion.

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    I'm not sure either of them will suffice. From the PCB to the top of the heatsink the height is 1 1/4inch exactly. However, the audio connectors (1 1/2inch) will still get in the way so you need one that is at least 1 1/2 high, make it 1 3/4 to give some room between the bottom of the card and the connectors.


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      Ok.. I am out searching for a PCI riser card.. Is anyone using a Riser Card on a M10000 board? Which one did you buy? 1U or 2U? I am going to run a Leadtek XP TV/Radio card in mine.. Anyone have any luck with those? Anyone have any suggestions on which one to buy? Hardware hacking articles


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        I bought a pci riser from eBay that folds over the motherboard. I don't have the exact measurements, but with my AIW VE attached, it clears all the connections on the back of the epia m1000 with about 1/4'" to 1/2" of space to spare.