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Multiple .M3U (playlist) files...Can it be done?

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  • Multiple .M3U (playlist) files...Can it be done?

    Is there any way to have multiple playlists? like one for every band? I know it couldnt be done with the keypad program, but what about with the mouse remote or irman? Could this be done? much better than having one huge *** .m3u file!!

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    Yes, can easily be done with the IrMan remote program. Can save up to 999 playlists. Well worth the $38 it costs.
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      Is it possilbe to use more than 1 winamp plugin at a time, like the IRman + a visualation one or something?


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        A keypad plug-in could load multiple playlists. It could work kind of like a jump to song key sequence would (something like the -####-). I've written a plug-in that does something like this but currently I'm streamlining the code so it's not ready for general use just yet.

        As for your second question; Winamp can run a combination of any number of general plug-ins (GEN_*.*) plus one visual one (VIS_*.*) per instance. Well, that is if they're true plug-ins. I honestly don't know if IR man uses a GEN or not.


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          Yes Irman uses a general plugin, and it can be used with other plugins


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            In regards to the keypad not able to work with multiple playlists. There is a plugin out there that does let you use up to 999 playlists for the keybpad. you would type enter ## enter and it would take you the the disired playlist.
            But why waist your time when the IRMan is a ton better then keypad.
            Yes you can use a visualization plugin with another plugin.


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              Golaith... cuz I don't have any com portsopen for IRMan
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