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    Well, as most of you know I've been driving around with my PC in my van for the last couple days, unfortunately my van has no working stereo. I started out using the one speaker on my little TV and at least it was sound.. The next day I put an old PC speaker I had lying around (used to be a pair, but one doesn't work) that made a big difference compared to the TV speaker...

    Well, today I couldn't take it anymore and went out and bought a set of Altec Lansing 2100 PC speakers (2.1, 2 satellites and one sub) from my local costco for $80+tax.

    WOW!! Unbelievable sound, I wasnt expecting it to sound as good as it does!! And these speakers look cool too and they actually fit really good up in the corners of my dash and the wire runs down the side and isn't even visible. I put the sub behind the passenger seat and that way I can reach down to adjust the subwoofer level if I need too...

    These things really kick out good sound and the subwoofer has some kick to it. I'm satisfied (for now) with my new audio system and it wasn't that expensive...

    Odd thing though, my crappy desktop speaker didn't buzz but when I plugged the Altec's into my computer they buzzed.. I fixed that by making a wire with a aligator clip on each end and grounding my PC case to the frame of the van, 90% of the buzzing dissappeared and with the engine running you cant even hear it...

    Next goal is to minimize my pc, it's HUGE! LOL


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    Originally posted by TiTUS

    Next goal is to minimize my pc, it's HUGE! LOL

    Before you change anything take some pictures.
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      I'll definitely have some pictures of my hacked setup soon... I'm already thinking of ways to make it less hacked, I'm thinking of making a custom box for my PC (something a little less desktop)

      I had an idea today, since I'm using a Soundblaster Live (value version) that has 4 speaker support and I'm only using the one output right now with my new Altec Lansing's, I'm thinking of buying another set of speakers (probably not the same ones I have though, but that might be interesting) and plug them into my second output and enable 4 speaker mode, that should make for some good sound maybe... Any thoughts on this?

      I'm thinking of putting my satellite speakers under the dash where the stock speakers would go and make it a little more discreet and if I go with another set of speakers I'll probably mount them just behind the seats on the roof or something...

      I'm having alot of fun with my computer in the van, makes for a much more interesting day... I also notice that I'm alot more conciensus (sp?) about bumps and potholes now... LOL