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How much have you spent, mistakes and all?

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  • How much have you spent, mistakes and all?

    Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys figure you have spent total on your system and with what knowledge you have now how much do you think it would cost to build your system without the mistakes?

    Total invested for me right now is around $1100+

    I figure I could probably build the same system for around 500-600 bucks knowing what I know now.

    Epia M 9000
    Ituner PW-60 DC-DC power supply
    40gb harddrive
    X10 Mouse remote
    7" LCD with composit input
    256mp DDR-Ram
    Mini USB keyboard
    USB FM-Radio

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    My carputer system alone was only like $250, because i had alot of the parts, like an HDD, and RAM laying arround my house... but including all of my car audio upgrades and what not its arround $1000 or so..


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      $1088.00 on PC
      $821.00 on audio

      I did not include cost of wiring, they were provided by my job and all the hours spent building them

      I may be able to shave off $150.00 from errors.
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        I probably paid $3000 for my PC. I never fried anything and had to buy the same equipment again. The reason I paid so much was because I got alot of stuff piece by piece and a few months before I started installing. As you all know PC parts prices drop constantly. If I had do it all over again, I probably can get away with paying less than $2000 by buying everything at the same time. I paid about $1500 for my system. All under manufacturers accomidation. Retail would probably be around $4700. The money I saved on stereo equipment made up for the PC price. I also did all the custom installs. I spent around 300 hours. My shop charge $50 an hour. You do the math.
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          I probably only have like $300 into the carputer itself, including my touchscreen, (make use of plenty of used parts ) but the stereo is worth at least 5x that
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            I have about $1200 in the carputer and $2000 in audio gear(and counting) Fortunately not really any mistakes except maybe not doing it sooner. The computer system I chose, and theese forums made it pretty easy for me.
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