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Any using Nextel for wireless carputer internet?

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  • Any using Nextel for wireless carputer internet?

    I'm thinking about getting a plan through Nextel and was wondering if anyone else had done it. If you have, which plan did you get? They seem to have specific plans for phone internet and for PDA/Laptop internet (which costs more). I'm wondering if I can just get the phone internet plan for around $10/month as opposed to the $55/month PDA/Laptop internet plan. If anyone knows anything about Nextel's web services, please share.

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    When I was searching for internet plans, I checked out the nextel plan and was told that if you got a data plan along with your voice plan using a cell phone with a USB plug, the transfer rate is 9.6kbps. If you get a PCMICA aircard with pure data service you get 56kbps. If you want to know more about internet access using cellphones check out for all cellphone related questions. ShaneMcFarland has T-mobile. I have Sprint Vision. He thinks he has the fastest unlimited connection. I think I have the fastest unlimited connection. Verizon is suppose to be pretty fast too. It's you call. But as for Nextel, cellphone connection is 9.6kbps and air card is 56kbps
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      alright man, thanks a lot