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  • a sound question

    Ok, I put a set of Altec Lansing 2100's into my van to use with my carpc test system I'm playing with. My van has a crappy stereo system in it so I went with these speakers, two satellites and a sub. I'm really happy with the way they sound and not knowing too much about car audio (or even home audio), I think they really sound good, nice crisp highs, deep deep bass.

    My pc has a Soundblaster Live Value with 4 speakers support and I'm currently only using the 2 speaker mode. I'm thinking of buying another set of these Altec Lansing 2100's and plugging them into the 2nd speaker output and enable 4 speaker mode on the sound card.. What can I expect for the sound if I do this? That would give me two front satellites, two rear satellites and two powered subs.

    Any comments?


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    Well this is gonna be hard for me to explain.

    You cannot just buy any speakers and connect em to the output of any soundcard. The speakers have to be powered. Sound card do not provide a powered output.

    In your case: I do beleive your sub is powering the two speakers up front right? If so the other speakers will be connected to the sub as well. Maybe you will have to connect a cable from the sound card to the sub and go from there.

    If you like the setup you have now, once you connect two more you will love it even more. Also expect higher volumes levels.
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      My soundcard has two speaker outs (for a total of 4 speaker support, 2 front and 2 rear) and I can enable it in the soundblaster control panel for 2 or 4 speaker output.

      The Altec Lansings (as it's connected now) a single stereo connector plugs into the one speaker out (front). It goes to the sub, and the satellites plug into the sub. So it should be as simple as pluggin another set of Altec's into the second speaker out (rear) exactly as my current set is... The second sub would power the second set of satellites.

      This one sub I have now really kicks, I cant imagine what two of them would do...