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what to power my carputer?

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  • what to power my carputer?

    Hey everyone, i was wondering how i should power my carputer.....power inverter(very cheap) or somethingelse, ive heard about the"opus" (i think thats the name of it) but have heard that it takes forever to get it cuz its 1 dude that does it....any sugggestions on the best way to power it.....looking to spend under $100.

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    I paid $100 after taxes (Canadian $) for a Superex 600 watt filtered modified sine wave inverter. It's working excellent for me. dual plugs, low voltage alarm and shutdown, 1500 watt surge.. It's powering a desktop tower (Athlon XP 1800+, 640 mb ram, dvd rom, ~95 gb hdd storage, ATI Radeon 9000 pro, sblive value soundcard), Altec Lansing 2100 (2.1 system), small 7" CRT tv...

    I like the option of using AC power, you can plug anything into it and use it...



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      If under $100...? Inverter.
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        Originally posted by Defiler
        If under $100...? Inverter.

        how much does that opus powersupply cost?


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          $189 or something like that

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            Originally posted by Seabass
            how much does that opus powersupply cost?
            If money is tight? Let me restate your question...

            If under $50? Still inverter.

            My $45 300W inverter has lasted over 3 years through Tampa summers. It will save you over $100.
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              Forget the AC-DC invertor stuff. Although some people are apprently happy with it's use (and more power to them) the limitations of this setup will start to naw away at you. I bought a DC-DC power supply from for 50 bucks and haven't had much problems with it. I am having some elecltrical noise that I am working on fixing but other then that it has been a great setup. I do have a 300watt invertor left in my car when I was using it with a AC power supply. Now I just use it for when I need to run 120v stuff. In the long run start of with a DC-DC power supply, you'l be much happier you did and probably save money in the long run.

              One last note is if you can afford the opus then it is a good idea to go with it. The mini-box power supply is great for the price but the opus was designed from the ground up for a car.


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                inverter it is....didnt think a mothertrucking ps would be that expensive, $190 for a


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                  Two Dioes ~ 1USD
                  12v 7ah battery ~ 17 ( including Shipping)

                  82 Dolloars in pocket to spend on another gadget - priceless
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                    Im suprised no one mentioned the Key Power supply?

                    It's 250 watts and works fine for 1 1/2 years. I paid $175 here on a group buy.

                    I can use it for a P4 CarPC also. (Currently P3 1Ghz)
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                      DC-DC, DC-DC, DC-DC, DC-DC...

                      Serious skassama said it right. I'm not going to say that the following system is the best, but I am extremly happy with mine.

                      12volt 7ah battery $14 (From Fry's electronics)
                      1 Diode that handles something like 6 amps at 12volts $5
                      Ituner PW-70 DC-DC power supply. $50
                      SPRAGUE POWERLYTIC 36DX 8000UF 30VDC $13 (I paid 2 at a surplus place)

                      Wire the cap up between your 12v+ source and ground coming from your power source (IE in parrallel, not series). Or in other words, wire the Cap up with both the 12v+ and Ground.

                      Then, from your cap, put your diode on the +12volt side and then take it to your 12v 7ah battery 12v+ side. Also, continue your ground from the cap and wire that to the small battery to the ground on the battery. From the small battery you can wire up the Ituner DC-DC power supply. This setup takes almost no soldering and has eliminated all of the alternator noise problems, plus the system does not restart when starting the car, even if I crank it for a long time.

                      All told you have 82 bucks and a DC-DC power system that is efficient and simple. (If you don't have the Epia motherboard the Ituner DC-DC power supply won't work for you.)

                      About the only down side to this system is a shutdown controler but the developer of the PW 70 is supposedly working on one for the power supply. For my system at the moment, I don't need a shutdown controller so it doesn't bother me.


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                        My $30 (Shipped.) eBay'd 300w/600wPeak Inverter is working great for my needs. Inverter all the way IMO, because I can also run other things off of it (Not that I am yet, but I plan on it soon.)

                        I really do like the idea of DC-DC too tho, and I need to look into it more eventually, but the price is driving me to keep with my inverter ($30 vs $190, for 2x wattage, and 120v vs 12v only)
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