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  • power problems

    Ok here is my situation.
    I have a 200mhz pentium with a 20 gig HD
    hooked up with a 140 inverter hooked up the cig. lighter.

    When It seems at times when I use my brakes (brake lights)
    the power cuts out for a moment and makes my computer restart.

    has anyone encountered this problem
    and no of a way to fix this.
    Do I need to wire my inverter directly to my battery?

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    battery is about to die or your alternator is going bad. Same thing happened to me expcet that it was when i put on my turn signal on while i was running the AC. I ended up having to replace both though acuse the guy at autozone told me it was the battery and sold me a new one, then a couple days later, my batter was dead for no reason. Took it to an alternator shop and he had to rebuild mine. At any rate, replacing both took care of my problem. I guess its kinda a warning to your battery dying, isnt a bad thing really.

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      You know if it wasn't so tragic, it sure would be funny. ;0)

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