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  • Shock mounting

    How would you go about Mounting a HD, or a whole case so that it is resistant to shock?
    I was just going to set mine on top of some foam before I lashed it down, but I was wondering if you guys had some better ideas.
    Also, Is it safe to put an inveter ontop of your Case? Because my case has just enough room for it to sit on top, and it would make everything much neater, but I didn't know if it would mess up the HD or something?
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
    Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
    In a 96 Grand Prix SE.

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    At the top right corner of this page there is a link called "search". Please use it to search for Hard disk mounting issues.

    Your inverter should be fine on top of the case.


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      Moon cleared the archives when he redid the site.

      we can't tell people to search anymore


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        Im going to get a piece of foam cut on put the whole case on that so everything is protected, so you dont have to smother the hdd.

        It will have an impront of the case so it fits and not going to slide off it.


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          I built my own case out of plexiglass and bought a cd player (dicscman type) shock mount from radio shack for about $15.00 US. I mounted the HD on it inside the case. The mount has a bottom platform with four neatly designed rubber posts and a top platform on which I mounted my HD.

          In previous threads it has been the concensus that it is better to mount the HD vertically instead of horizontally. It is better that way to prevent the platter from being struck. There has also been many who have had no problems with not using any special shock mounting.