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A possible alternative to DC-DC supply?

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  • A possible alternative to DC-DC supply?

    We all want a DC-DC power supply (inverters are noisy, inefficient, and space consuming). This is a thought, and I'm not to sure about it, and that's why I'm posting here- laptops generally have a power cord that has an AC-DC converter on it. the power supply inside the laptop takes in DC, and supplies DC. Couldn't one just take the power supply of an old laptop and stick it to the DC car battery? it may not be strong, but mp3car computers are generally stripped down so they are using minimum power. Any feed back or ideas? thanks ;-)

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    Most laptops require 16-19 VDC input. The average car supplies 11-14.3 VDC (depending on the load). So you would still need a DC-DC Converter. Although you would only need one voltage. i.e. 12 > 19 VDC, insdead of multiple voltages that PC's require. As far as the Laptop haveing enough power is unlikely. It would be best to find an older laptop supply.


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      Hey people
      Sorry to burst all yer bubbles (gay phrase..)
      But its been done
      People use the MECI laptop supply that costs 15$

      works great


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        i use the astec laptop supply from, car battery is hooked up to the laptop battery leads, tested from 10-14vdc and works fine for my setup