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Plexiglass computer case???

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  • Plexiglass computer case???


    i was thinking of making a carputer box from some this a good idea? would static electricity do anything? also what is the best thing to cut plexiglass with? the other option is wood but i think that plexiglass would have the Cool factor...thanks for the input


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    It's very common to see a case made out of plexiglass. No special instructs to go with building one either (in fact, I'm building one right now). I would, however, suggest using Lexon instead of plexi.


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      Just remember, plexiglass builds up alot of static electricity.
      It may be possible to ground them, but I'm not sure..
      Just something to think about.


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        I have my case made out of lexan and have never had a problem with static. Nor have I had a problem with grounding (but I am running DC-DC). For cutting, use a fine toothed hacksaw blade, but move the saw SLOWLY or you will melt the material. Alternativly, you could use a utility knife and score both sides and then snap. When drilling, use a little water or oil as lubrication and spin the drill slowly or you will melt/crack the sheet.

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          I second what Aaron Cake says, I've had no static problems with my plexiglass case.



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            I made my box outta plexiglass.. kinda funny to cut (melts, doesn't actually cut), but non-conductive and fine in car conditions. Just cut it and put it together like you would anything else

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              Yeah , I mad an "ill" case out of plexiglass. I scored it , and simply stomped it till it broke. I found this to be very efficient and effective.