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Overclocking EPIA & Nehemiah

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  • Overclocking EPIA & Nehemiah

    Anyone tried this with an M10000 Nehemiah? (Site says it works fine with M series too) - heat problems? What speed did you attain before it became unstable? I just bought a stack of CoolerMaster fans (to run straight from a separate regulator) in prep for overclock - should help to smooth map rotations out a bit and speed up route planning etc
    Nehemiah M10000 board, 512Mb RAM, Win98'lite', 7" TFT DIN in-dash VGA touchscreen. IR keyboard. GPS.

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    Doesn't is locked down.

    But I think it works on all the older/slower machines.
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      25% Overclocking on Epia M2

      Looking for a way to overclock / underclock my epia, I found in a link to a page showing how to do it. Nothing new at the beginning, wcpuid like shown in I tried it with my Epia M2, but any changes I made in the multiplier don't get done, it always shows 7.5 (It's a M2-10000 , 133 x 7.5).

      But later on the article it used another program, CPUFSB. It let me touch the FSB, and reach speeds of 1250 Mhz using the stock HSF.

      The article reaches 1300 Mhz, 30% overclocking, but it changes the multiplier to help.

      Has anyone tried OCing his epia m2? I'd like to know if all multipliers are fixed or it's me doing something wrong. The article is in German, so maybe just following photo's indications is not enough