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pwer supply question....dc-dc

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  • pwer supply question....dc-dc

    hi, im kinda new to this thing, just a small question on power supplys,

    i took appart my ac power supply off my pentium three and burnt it out,
    basically my question is , i bought a 12v voltage regulator so that i can stabilize my car's voltage to 12v, is it possible to use this to power my standard home pc? because, theoretically, doesnt the ac power supply take the 110Ac, convert it to 12v dc, then 5v dc then 3.3 v dc? so what i could do is wire the 12v regulator to the output of the transformer that changes the ac to 12v dc thereby canceling out that transformer?? HELP ME hehehhehe

    thanks a lot and please dont laugh....

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    See my reply in the power supplies section (which is where this thread belongs). Please don't double post.

    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.