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Cats chewed through my gps CORD!! grrr....

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  • Cats chewed through my gps CORD!! grrr....

    Well, i had my gps unit at my firneds where we hacked it. We screwed that up to pulling a lead off the pcb but we traced the board back to this rod and it workedthe same and the unit is hacked right. So I leave it there while I am waiting for my i-opener to come home. And his damn cats chewed through it.... check it out... grrrrrrrr

    Guess I will be soldering these wires back together now.... =(

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    sorry to hear that, i had a few problems with my 3 lil dogs too, but i found something at the pet store some spray thing, they hate the taste, it wont help u now, but if they do chew on anything else get the spray, i went without phone for a few days without knowing they were chewing on
    but it's like they say

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