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RAM type conflict, easy question, i just dont know!

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  • RAM type conflict, easy question, i just dont know!

    I just got my motherboard for my mp3 car. Its pretty small and has ps/2. But I need 72 pin SIMM DRAM. Is this the same as EDO RAM? Also, how much RAM would you reccomend for win 9X and winamp? Thanks.


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    EDO Ram is a form of 72pin SIMM's. Depending on age of the mobo / processor, either EDO or regular 72pin simms will work fine, As long as you dont try to mix the two. Early pentiums could use either i believe. But if my memmory serves me correctally, later boards required EDO. Your best bet is go go with EDO as its a faster simm any way (60ns??)

    As for ammount, I'as suggest 32mb minimum (u mentioned the tabbo 'W' word!) and recomment 64mb
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