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  • boatputer?

    Not installed in a car so I'm not sure if it's welcome here but the components are the same so thought I'd try. This ones going in a 34' wooden sailboat.

    System will be based around a Shuttle SSF 'puter running XP. I am trying to choose between a Concept CC752 and a JL Audio JLE2150 to power a single Crossfire 10" sub. Pass through and compatibility with a remote sub control are important. I plan to chain the amp to a second amp (an RF I already have) powering the components. If I understand correctly, I can adapt the 1/8" sound card out to RCA and all will be well.

    Anyone familiar with these amps?

    Cheers, Greg

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    Plan out the power consumption. My understanding is power is at a premium on sailboats.
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

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      Try a search on "boats" or something like that. Someone had a thread a few weeks ago about this, it might help you.
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