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  • HEAT!!!

    How many fans should I put in this thing? Will a 95 degree day fry my motherboard or chip or even the hard drive? Also how about those -15 degree winter night will that damage the hard drive? Thanks for the help!

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    It not necessarily the number of fans, but how much air is actually moving over the hot parts. I use a fan sink for my processor and one system fan that wasn't doing a good job of circulating the air because my regulator did a thermal shutdown on a 95 degree day. Depending on what you are trying to cool, a typical system fan can move enough air to cool 5-10W about 10-20 degrees C. Also make sure you have enough holes in your chassis and especially at the top since heat rises


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      I live in florida and alomst every day is a 90 plus inside the car. The inmterior has even gotten up to 130 when I left the car in the sun all day. Are there any precautions I should take while buying/building a system?


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        I went to a computer show today and bought a case cooler. It drops the temp. by 20 C degrees. This fan sits in an ISA or AGP slot and blows air out. At the opposite end of the case, I have a case blowing air in. Because heat rises, I will put the fan that blows air out on the top, and the fan that blows air in on the bottom. I am hoping that this creates a "wind tunnel" effect. I also wanted to buy a case temp. sensor but they were $39. Ill try to find one cheaper that makes an alarm when temp is really high. I want to mount some sort of LED to the LCD screen that will indicate if the case is in the "DANGER" zone


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          I found a solution to my problems. It involves installing a hard wired air cooler from a portable beer cooler. The original system plugged into a cig. lighter, and can be hard wired like the AC/DC inverter. When running this, it can actually drop temps inside the system to about 40 or 50 degrees F. I would advise installing in the trunk of a car as it gets less hot in there. As to a previous message regarding a thermometer, I have one small piece of advice. In my other message on the appearence thread, I said that I am custom building a plexiglass case. You can actually use a cheap fish thermometer that is a sticker that sticks on the side. These can be bought at any wal-mart and they can tell you the temp. pretty accurately. Please excuse my spelling, as it always sucks. Thanks, and I appreciate all e-mail comments on my ideas, or any other possible ones!


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            For my solution, also described on, I have a heatsink on the processor, a small fan attached to the bottom of the hard drive, a fan servicing the power supply, and a 2600rpm blower hooked up right above the processor blowing air out. This system moves tons of air through my case ( style). No problems yet during this recent heatwave or the last one...