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HELP I need a slim DVD that really works!

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  • HELP I need a slim DVD that really works!

    Can someone please recommend a slim (prefered slot loading) dvd-rom that works well... 1st I tried a full sized IDE dvd-rom in USB 2.0 case, and it was great, but big. I switched to the usb 2.0 buslink dvd drive, but it's inconsistent in it's cd and dvd reading. I have also tried laptop dives in slim usb 2.0 cases, but I am not happy with it either. The case did not hold the drive well. I want a drive, that i can mount externally from the computer (usb 2.0 or firewire i guess) that will work just like a regular dvd-rom does in your computer. If this product does not exist in slim version, does anyone know where i can get an IDE -> usb2.0 bridge so that I don't have to use one of those bulky cases? I guess i can steal power from the comptuer's power supply for the +5v and the +12v for the drive's power. Any input please....