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Question: Computer Audio Signal to Car Audio

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  • Question: Computer Audio Signal to Car Audio

    Hi, first of all i want to say that im very new to this carputer scene...i have been reading a lot of post the past few days. I have a few questions that came to my mind when i reading. I got a P3 550 Mhz laying around in my room and i want to hook it up to my car...I was wondering how do i get the audio signal from the computer to the car speakers?...My thought is that...i would run a RCA cable from the sound card to the Head unit AUX then from the headunit the signal would run to the speakers...please verify if am i correct? In addition, the head unit i have right now doesnt have an AUX input...would i be able to use an amp input if i decide not to buy another head unit?

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    MK3 of my carputer didn't have a head unit - the sound card was wired straight through to the amp and it worked fine!
    I had a seperate switch to turn the amp remote lead on (usually the blue wire in a head unit/amp setup) cos if the amps were powered up and the pc was turned on, there was a HUGE whoomph!! as the soundcard was started and a massive bang as the pc shut down.
    Only problem I found was volume - there wasn't an easy way to control it - ok I had the pc volume control - but there's nothing easier than the control of a head unit. I was going to buy an inline volume control to go between the sound card and the amp, but the system came out of the car and the car sold before I managed to get one.

    Best way to find out more about carputers is simply to ask - none of us here know everything there is to know - and everyone will have a good idea that will help someone else.
    Best regards,

    Darren Thrower


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      Read more...The answers are not hard to find...
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