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Converting 50pin slim cd to 44pin laptop hd

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  • Converting 50pin slim cd to 44pin laptop hd

    I have a Teac CD-224E Slim Cd-rom that has an adapter screwed on the back. The connection on the adapter looks like a mini-ide 44pin but has 50pins on it. I want to run this to a USB 2.0 laptop hd adapter which has the 44pin mini-ide connector. Do the first 44pin coincide with the mini-ide or are they in a different config??? What are the extra 6 pins for?? Sound??

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Does it look like the one in this thread if you search for slot load?

    Or is it a different kind of header.
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      These are pics of the USB 2.0 adapter and Cd-rom
      sorry they are so blurry but i'm only using a webcam
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        Slim CD rom to USB 2.0 HD adapter

        I pulled the adapter board off the back of the CD-rom and did a quick comparison (from what I could see) to the laptop HD pinouts. It looked as though it would be pretty much spot on so I connected it up. The USB 2.0 adapter plugged straight on the back leaving pins 44-50 vacant.
        I fired up the laptop (which is only USB 1.1) and the CD-rom worked a treat!!!
        This enables me to mount the slim cd-rom in the dash while the pc is behind the passenger seat.


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          I'm glad it worked out for you
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